The Burning Bush

Yes, I do have a burning bush in my house. The story of God speaking to Moses through a burning bush is recorded in the Bible. This has become a metaphor for God speaking directly to us as individuals. Most people know they can talk to God by praying but are unaware that God wants to talk to them. There are many different forms of meditation that people from different religions use to allow God to speak to them. For me, it is rather simple. The Bible is my burning bush. The Bible is God’s Word. It is God’s message to me.
I love the fact that God speaks to me mostly in stories. He is a great Storyteller. He uses stories to teach me the rewards of living right and the dangers of doing things my way. There are also some stories that warn me of the adversary – the devil – and how he wants to trick me into not trusting God and His Word. Misery loves company and that is what the devil is all about.
The devil has successfully twisted God’s Word so as to make God look like a sick and twisted Being. There are over 500 major Christian denominations all claiming to follow the Bible. A study of these different denomination reveals that some teach God is a vindictive God wanting to punish sinners. One famous sermon is entitled “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.” Other denominations teach of a distant God that created the universe and set it in a self pilot mode. Some teach of a critical God, always looking for reasons to hold things against us. Only a few believe in a loving God and many of them wrestle trying to explain the doctrine of a never-ending punishment in the fires of hell.
I have learned that I have power over what I believe and what I believe has power over me. I understand that Bible as teaching that God is a God of love. It is the devil that has caused evil. Properly understood, the Old Testament wars, the existence of evil and even the fires of hell reveal a charterer of love. If I doubted God’s love for me, I would not be so quick to open the Bible and read the messages He has for me. However because I am confident in His love for me, I trust the Bible more than if it were a burning bush.