The coronavirus has changed life for everyone.  It is especially hard for many that live alone.  Many people live by themselves for a variety of reasons.  The children grow up and move away.  A spouse passes away.  A divorce separates one from the rest of the family.  Some have never married or had a family.  The transition to living alone takes a little time but most people adjust.

We are programmed to be social creatures.  Few people isolate from the rest of society.  Many people live by themselves but interacting with others is part of their regular routine.  They attend church and go out to eat with church members.  They join a bowling league or have a membership at a local golf club.  They belong to a gym.  Some hang out in a bar although that isn’t the healthiest place to socialize.  The coronavirus has changed the way we are allowed to interact with others.  This has resulted in many people feeling lonely that didn’t struggle with loneliness before.

There are some things a person can do.  Thankfully, technology gives us a lot of options.  Call friends on the phone.  If you have a friend, you can call everyday that is very beneficial.  If you have friends on Facebook, you can use their video chat.  Facebook also has watch parties that allow one to share activities they are doing with others.  Talk to your pastor about having small group Bible studies using Zoom.  Join a book club, or start one, with friends.  These allow members to read and discuss books together.  If you don’t like to read, try audiobooks.  Those that do not have pets may want to consider one appropriate for their living arrangements.  Starting a garden is also a nice activity and there are online groups for that too.  Those living in apartments will be limited to potted plants, but the process still provides the psychological benefit. One can also play games online or with gaming systems like Xbox and PlayStation.

 If you are not in the habit of regular Bible study, there is no better time than now to start.  There are many online Bible study groups.  Just reading the Bible and keeping a journal of what your read, learned and how to apply it to your life is beneficial.  The activities we add to our routine during this pandemic may prove to be beneficial to us long after things return to normal.