Comparative Religions

The Varieties of Religious Experience (1902) William James – Lectures given in Edinburgh

Mother Earth Spirituality (1990) Ed McGaa * Eagle Man – American Indian Sioux religion

The Pipe and Christ (1986) William Stolzman – Detailed summery of six years of weekly dialogue meetings between Christian and Sioux clergy.

Spirit Warrior (2007) David George – Search for truth by a young Navajo

The Four Agreements (2018) Don Miguel Ruiz – Ancient Toltex philosophy

The Way of the Bodhisattra (700AD) Shantideva – Development of the mind through the practice of the six perfections

Religious Lessons from Asia to the World (2021) Constance Kassor – 10 lectures about lessons from multiple eastern faiths

The Kingdom of the Cults (1965) Walter Martin

Introduction to Buddhism (2004) Dalai Lama

The Book of Joy (2016) Dalai Lama & Desmond Tutu – Discussion about joy, happiness and holy living.

Torah Studies (2014) Rabbi Jonathan Sacks – Jewish exposition of the Torah

Seasons for Celebration (1992) Rabbi Karen L. Fox & Phyllis Zimbler Miller – Joys, Practices, and Traditions of the Jewish Holidays

Judaism (2017) Rachel Zahl – Introduction to Judaism

The Story of Mormonism (1907) James E. Talmage

Jainism: The Jain Karma Theory (2017) M. R. Gelra – Introduction to Jainism

Mindfulness (2012) Tessa Watt

Confucianism (2014) David Gardner – An introduction to Confucianism

The Complete Confucius (2016) Nicholas Tamblyn – Complete works of Confucius with brief introduction

The Bhagavad Gita (1975) Eknath Easwaran – Hindu scriptures with commentary

The Words of Gandhi (1982) Richard Attenborough – Collection of writing

Seeing Jesus from The East (2020) Ravi Zacharias & Abdu Murray

Introduction to the Qur’an (2019) Martyn Oliver

Shinto: The Kami Way (1962) Sokyo Ono – Japanese Religion 

Taoism (2015) Jordan Jacobs

The Pagan World: Ancient Religions before Christianity (2020) Hans Friedrich Mueller –   Scholarly review of ancient religions 

The Righteous Mind (2012) Jonathan Haidt – Atheistic explanation for how humans developed morality and how it benefits humanity

Religious Lessons from Asia to the World (2020) Constance Kassor