Family, Sexuality, Recovery, Counseling

The Road Less Traveled (1978) Scott Peck – Psychology

Basic Counseling Techniques (2008) Wayne Perry

The Happiness Advantage (2010) Shawn Achor – positive psychology

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (2020) Stephen Rosenberg

Emotional Intelligence (2009) Travis Bradberry – Controlling emotions

Retelling the Stories of Our Lives (2014) David Denborough – Guide to narrative therapy

Parenthood by Proxy (2000) Laura Schlessinger – Ethical parenting

Grace for the Afflicted (2008) Matthew S. Stanford – A Clinical and Biblical Perspective on Mental Illness

DivorceCare (2005) Steve Grissom and Kathy Leonard – Daily meditations for recently divorced

The Lies We Believe (2019) Dr. Chris Thurman – Renewing the mind

Unwinding Anxiety (2021) Dr. Judson Brewer

DivorceCare (2007) Steve Grisson – Workbook for recently divorced

Codependant No More (1986) Melody Beattie – Codependency

Anxious For Nothing (2017) Max Lucado – Biblical exposé on anxiety 

The Book of Joy (2016) Dalai Lama & Desmond Tutu – Discussion about joy, happiness and holy living.

Obsessive Love (1991) Susan Foward – Out of control passion

Manipulation (2013) June Hunt – Human relationships

Handling Stress (2017) June Hunt

The Teenage Brain: A Neuroscientist’s Survival Guide to Raising Adolescents and Young Adults (2015) Frances E. Jensen – The  neuroscience of brain development during adolescence. 

Einstein Never Used Flash Cards (2003) Kath Hirsch-Pasek – How our children really learn

When Teen-agers Cry, Help! (1981) – Roger L. Dudley – Guide for counseling teenagers.

The World of the Adventist Teenager (1990) – Roger L. Dudley – Report on statistical data of teenage spiritual lives and behavior.  

Why Our Teenagers Leave the Church (2000) Roger L. Dudley – Findings of a 10-year study of 1,523 Adventist teenagers.

Discovering the Mind of a Woman (1995) Ken Nair – Biblical marriage advice for men

The Smart Stepfamily (2014) Ron L. Deal – Biblical advice for step-families

Adventist Family Ministries (1999) – Training Program for church leaders

Boundaries in Marriage (1999) Henry Cloud & John Townsend – Biblical marriage advice

The Five Love Languages (1992) Gary Chapman – Guide for expressing love in marriage

Marriage, a History (2005) Stephanie Coontz – History of marriage from the ancient world, Middle Ages, Victorian era to modern times.

The Way We Never Were (2016) Stephanie Coontz – A sociological review of myths about family life and society in Europe and America from the Middle Ages to modern times. 

Not Under Bondage (2008) Barbara Roberts – Biblical dissertation on divorce and abuse –

The Emotionally Destructive Marriage (2013) Leslie Vernick

52 Things Daughters need from Dads (2013) Jay Payleitner – Relationship advice for fathers

Married for Life (2004) Russ L. Potter – Compilation of quotes from couples married 50 years

Staying Vertical (2004) Carolyn Sutton – Spiritual took kit for Christian living

Compleat Gentleman (2004) Brad Miner – Guide to chivalry

Debt-Free Living (1989) Larry Burkett

Sheryl Crow: Words + Music (2020) Sheryl Crow – Depression, self-worth, joy and success

The Righteous Mind (2012) Jonathan Haidt – How intuition, confirmation bias and group identity override logic in worldview and decision making.

Alcoholics Anonymous (1976) – 12 step program for alcoholics

Courage to Change (1992) Al-anon – Daily meditations

A Day at a Time (1983) Alateen – Daily meditations for Alateen

Hope for Children of Alcoholics (1973) Alateen – 12 step program for Alateen

Living in Today (2001) – Daily meditations for Alateen

One Day at a Time (1989) Alanon – Daily Meditations

Hope for Today (2007) Al-anon – Daily meditation

The Language of the Heart (1988) Bill W. – Compilation of Grapevine articles

Dr. Bob and the Good Oldtimes (1980) – Biography or Dr. Bob AA co-founder

Came To Believe (1973) Alcoholics Anonymous – Testimonies of AA members and spirituality

Pass It On (1984) Alcoholics Anonymous – Biography of Bill Wilson and AA

Alcoholics Anonymous Comes of Age (1957) – Early history of Alcoholics Anonymous

Twenty-Four Hours a Day (1954) – Daily meditations

Daily Reflections (1990) Alcoholics Anonymous – Daily meditations

How Al-anon Works (2008) – 12 step program for codependency

Stools and Bottles (1970) Unknown – Self-examination

That Kind Never Change! (2006) Victor J. Adamson – Testimony of a gay minister

The Broken Image (1981) Leanne Payne – Ministering to the gay community

Solomon On Sex (1977) Joseph Dillow – Commentary on Song of Solomon

The Preacher’s Commentary (1991) David A. Hubbard – Bible commentary on Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon

God Invented Sex (1974) Charles Wittschiebe – Discussion of sexuality for Seventh-day Adventists

The Bible, Sex and this Generation (2003) Monicque Sharman – Biblical worldview of sexuality

The Joy of Sex (2002) Alex Comfort – Adult sexuality

Guide To Getting It On! (2004) Paul Joannides – Sexual guide

She Comes First (2004) Ian Kerner – Sexual guide