Spiritual Advisor

In his function as a spiritual advisor, Shane helps those that are not in need of counseling but seek spiritual growth.  He offers tools for spiritual guidance to aid with character development, learning forgiveness, making amends, practicing humility and various styles of prayer and meditation.  This involves learning how to live a life partnered with God.   We can reach a point of self-actualization through SELF-TRANSCENDENCE.   Consultations are normally fifty minutes and once a month.

Spiritual advising provides safe direction for both religious and nonreligious people seeking a spiritual lifestyle.  The term safe refers to an advising process that does not push religious dogma on the seeker but rather allows those seeking to explore practices and beliefs and reasons behind why they exist.

A spiritual advisor works with people to help guide their lives in a spiritual direction. It isn’t so much about imparting wisdom as it is helping one to discover their path. A good advisor will not tell a seeker what to do but rather help the seeker find the path for themselves.  The spiritual life is focused on altruism, helping others, making a positive impact on the community and becoming less focused on materialism.  It is about learning how to partner with God.  Human will joined with divine power leads to peace, contentment and SELF-TRANSCENDENCE.

A spiritual advisor is not to be confused with a psychic, tarot-card reader, astrologer or other type of mystic.  Shane is a Christian, pastoral counselor and as such approaches spiritual advising with a Christian worldview.  He is not limited to working with Christians only. His study of comparative religions includes Buddhism, Confucianism, Hinduism, Shintoism, Catholicism, Native American religion, Mormonism, Protestantism and Judaism.  There are many non-religious people that desire to become spiritual and benefit from working with a spiritual advisor.

Happiness Ministry asks for a suggested donation of $25-$30 per session. Studies have consistently shown those paying for spiritual advising and counseling services receive more benefit from them.