Addiction Recovery

Our world is filled with broken people.  The ways we interact with each other is learned behavior from our culture and families.  Many have experienced trauma which has impacted their ability to relate and interact with others.  Some that experienced good childhoods have gotten involved with the wrong group of friends and formed habits that became addictions.  The pathway to addiction is not the same for everyone.

Christ-centered recovery uses the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous to help people recover from addictions.  There are many addictions.  Some addictions are chemical addiction like alcoholism and drug addictions.  Other addictions are behavioral addiction like gambling, overeating, shopping, pornography and co-dependency.  Addiction has a biological component to it as it rewires the brain.  Practicing the 12 steps of recovery has been shown to train the brain so behavior and thought patterns are changed.

Below are links to various pages with videos to aid addicts seeking recovery to work the 12 Steps. Deason Shane uses ARMin materials for these videos but Happiness Ministry has no official association with Adventist Recovery Ministries.  The opinions expressed in these videos reflect the experience, strength and hope of Pastor Shane and are not endorsed by any organization outside of Happiness Ministry. 


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