Counseling / Asesoramiento

Postum Cafe is part of Happiness Ministry – a 501C3 non-profit organization. Donations to this ministry allow it to provide services, at no cost, the the unemployed and those in financial crisis.

Our counselors are Christians that emphasizes the loving nature of God. Life is full of transitions that throw us off balance.  Our counselors give respect and understanding.  We are not judgmental.  The counselors at Postum Cafe work with individuals and families to meet their psychological and spiritual needs.

Below are our counselors. Family counseling services are provided via video chat. Anyone wanting a consultation may contact Shane at to make a donation and schedule a consultation with the counselor of your choice. An hour consultation is available for a suggested donation of US$60. Those with financial difficulties can discuss a sliding scale with the counselor of their choice if they cannot afford the suggested donation.


Nuestros consejeros son cristianos que enfatizan la naturaleza amorosa de Dios. La vida está llena de transiciones que nos desequilibran. Nuestros consejeros dan respeto y comprensión. No somos críticos. Los consejeros de Postum Cafe trabajan con individuos y familias para satisfacer sus necesidades psicológicas y espirituales.

Los terapeutas que hablan español se muestran en la parte inferior de esta página y también en la página en español. Los servicios de asesoramiento familiar se proporcionan a través de video chat. Cualquier persona que desee una consulta puede comunicarse con Shane en para dar un donación y la cita con el consejero de su elección. Una consulta de una hora está disponible para una donación sugerida de US $60.

Yasmin Saltana-Muchindu, PhD

Yasmin Sultana-Muchindu strongly believes that each individual is made in the image and wholeness of God, however, at times the pressures and demands of modern life and relationships can disturb the equilibrium necessary for us to live our lives to the fullest and be productive. She strives to offer the necessary human assistance to bring back the balance in lives of her patients and point them to the Almighty Healer, our Lord, Jesus Christ for complete healing.

 She endeavors to bring an effective blend of expertise, experience, concern, clarity, and action to the counseling process in order to maximize outcomes and provide genuine healing and wholeness to individuals, marriages and families. Yasmin earned a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree with double majors in Psychology and Religious Philosophy from Spicer Adventist University, Pune, India and a Master of Arts degree from Andrews University, Michigan, USA. She completed her Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology from Chreso University, Zambia. Presently, she is pursuing her second PhD from University of South Africa.

Yasmin is a native of Kolkata, India and has lived in Zambia since 2010. Currently, she serves as a senior lecturer in the Department of Behavioural Sciences at Rusangu University.

She has ten years of counseling experience with a wide range of patients in a variety of treatment settings.

David Kasaji is the Director of Development at Rusangu University in Zambia, Africa.  He is also a professor and teaches Pastoral Counseling and Psychology in addition to other classes.  He earned his Bachelor degree in Theology from Andrews University, Michigan in 1988.  He has earned three Masters degrees.  The first in Pastoral Theology from Solusi University, Zimbabwe, Africa in 2001.  The second in Marriage and Family Therapy from Loma Linda University, California in 2006.  The third in Public Health from Loma Linda University, California in 2010.  He also earned a Clinical Pastoral Education from Loma Linda University, California in 2012.  

David did his internship as a Marriage Family Therapist with Christian Counseling Center in Riverside, California in 2004.  He has worked as a chaplain, with youth counseling, crisis intervention, public health, group, marriage and family therapy.  Before becoming a counselor David held several positions working for the Zambia Union Conference Headquarters of the Seventh-day Adventist church.  He was the Ministerial Secretary, Education Director, Youth Director and Health Ministries Director.  Prior to that he worked for the South Zambia Conference of Seventh-day Adventists holding several positions there including Communication Director, Stewardship Director and Executive Secretary.

Dr. Francis Tuffour is a pastor, relationship coach, educator, and Christian counselor. He has provided coaching services and education on love, premarital relationships, marriage, parenting, and sexuality for over 20 years. He has his master’s degree in communication from Andrews University, Michigan, USA; M.A. Guidance and Counseling from the University of Cape Coast and M. A. Religion from the University of Ghana.  In 2017 Francis graduated from Andrews University in Michigan with a doctoral degree in family ministry, and his dissertation was on premarital guidance.
He created a model for pastors and counselors to help couples preparing for marriage. Francis has professional training and experience in digital media and instructional technology as well. He harnesses innovative tools to facilitate his online relationship coaching and teaching for his clients and students on virtual platforms. Francis lives in Michigan, USA, with his wife Doris and four children.  He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Instructional Design and Technology to provide innovative solutions to his clients who cannot be reached through traditional means.

Nancy provides therapy in English and Spanish.

Nancy ofrece terapia en inglés y español. Su información se proporciona en español en la página en español de este sitio.

The most powerful catalyst for growth and healing could be right in front of us, our families. I work from a preventive approach and a restorative model. Nancy Recalde is trained in the PREPARE/ENRICH program and offers personalized pre-marital training using their reliable assessment tool. With Married couples the goal is to prevent divorce or work through a separation toward forgiveness and reconciliation. She works with domestic violence, affairs, infidelity, and, restoration is possible. She works with military families. She was a military wife and is familiar with the challenges of those enlisted and their families.
She offers parenting classes, treats children utilizing developmentally appropriate practices and equipping parents with tools to help children at home. For adolescents she uses a non-judgmental approach. Being a teenager is not easy these days. Her goal is to help them make sense of this life which they are beginning to question.
She works with adults experiencing Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Life Adjustment issues…These are the main culprits stealing your peace and happiness. Therapy can help. She is also an LPC-SUPERVISOR and offers supervision for LPC-INTERNS. 
Nancy only provides therapy for Americans living in Texas and others living outside of the United States.

Dra. Teresa Segovia de Carballo

La doctora Teresa ofrece servicios de asesoramiento para clientes que hablan español.

Dr. Teresa provides counseling services for Spanish-speaking clients.

Está casada con el Ptr. Omar Carballo y tienen 3 hijos, una nuera y una nieta. Realizó todos sus estudios en la Universidad de Montemorelos, iniciando con Secretariado, Lic. en Ciencias de la Educación, Maestría en Relaciones Familiares y Doctorado en Educación Familiar. Se ha desempeñado como secretaria, maestra y departamental en diferentes Asociaciones de la Iglesia Adventista del Séptimo Día y en la Universidad de Montemorelos. Es coautora de 4 libros: Satisfacción Conyugal, Fidelidad Conyugal, Padres que impactan y Los Celos una emoción que mata. Junto a su esposo ha impartido Seminarios, Conferencias y Consejería sobre Familia en diferentes países durante 25 años.

Doctora Susana Campos Madrigal está casada, tiene tres hijos y vive en México. Obtuvo su licenciatura en Ciencias de la Educación en Psicología Educativa, una maestría en relaciones familiares y un doctorado en educación familiar en la Universidad de Montemorelos en Montemorelos, México. También posee Certificación en Fundamentos de Psicología Positiva de TecMilenio, Monterrey, NL., Diplomado en Educación Familiar de Universidad de Montemorelos, México, Diplomado en Consejería y Bienestar Familiar de la Universidad de Montemorelos, México, Diplomado en Tanatología de la Universidad Libre de Derecho, México y Diplomado en Couching para Padres del Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey. México

Shane provides services in both English and Spanish.

Shane “Felipe” brinda servicios en inglés y español.

Shane specializes in alcoholism, chemical dependency, co-dependency, parenting, divorce trauma and human sexuality.  He does not do marriage counseling or grief therapy. His specialty will be working with broken families and those going through divorce.  He also provides 4th and 5th step assistance for those in 12-Step programs that want to keep everything completely confidential.  This normally requires two or three sessions to complete both the 4th and 5th steps.  Information about Pastor Shane can be found on the menu item “Pastor Shane.”


Shane se especializa en alcoholismo, dependencia química, codependencia, paternidad, trauma de divorcio y sexualidad humana. No ofrece consejería matrimonial ni terapia de duelo. Su especialidad será trabajar con familias rotas y aquellos que están pasando por el divorcio. También proporciona asistencia de 4º y 5º paso para aquellos en programas de 12 pasos que desean mantener todo totalmente confidencial. Esto normalmente requiere dos o tres sesiones para completar los pasos 4 y 5. Se puede encontrar información sobre el pastor Shane en el menú “Pastor Shane”.