Emotional Empowerment

Humans are social creatures.  Each of us is born into a family which is itself a small society.  Birth into a family gives us certain rights.  We have the right to protection and the right to nourishment from the time we are born.  Later, as we become adults, what were once our rights become our responsibility toward others.  The child that had the right to protection and nourishment later has the responsibility to provide these for others like his wife, children and aging parents.

As the child develops he or she will go beyond the family and join other social groups.  This often begins at church and later school.  Eventually he or she joins the workforce and may join other groups such as professional associations, athletic clubs or charitable organizations.  There is a great amount of satisfaction a person receives from interacting with other people.    

Unfortunately because sin entered the world, the devil often uses other people to hurt each other.  Sometimes they hurt each other physically but even more often they hurt each other emotionally.  This type of behavior cannot be stopped because it is part of the sinful experience man must live in.  There have been many attempts by society to stop physical violent and even emotional attacks.  There has even been some success but all such incidents cannot be expected to end until sin itself comes to an end.

There are psychological tools available to deal with emotional wounds.  People can heal and can lean how to deal with future or continued emotional abuse.  While a person cannot change other people, they can learn how to put such abuse in perspective to the point where the bad behavior no longer inflicts emotional damage on its intended victim.  That is called empowerment.  Empowerment allows someone to move away from being a victim and teaches how a person can actually love his enemies.

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