Guest Pastor

Shane has limited availability to preach as a guest pastor. Those that are interested may email him at with their dates to discover if he can make it work with his schedule.

He is most available within the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. Although he is a Seventh-day Adventist, he is available to preach in churches of other denominations and does not get into “disputable doctrines” when he does.

Guest Pastor services are either 1) for preaching during a Saturday or Sunday morning service only, or 2) preaching for a weekend retreat beginning on Friday evening at 7:00pm and ending at noon on Sunday.

The suggested donation would include travel costs, sleeping accommodations, meals and an honorarium for Happiness Ministry. When the location is within the Rio Grande Valley, travel costs and sleeping accommodations are not needed. However a fellowship meal, after the service, and a simple honorarium (such as a love offering) would be appreciated. The suggested honorarium for a weekend retreat is .5% of an average pastor’s salary. The average Texas pastor salary in 2021 per is $97,000*. .5% is $485. The suggested honorarium for a morning service only is half that. The “love offering” is simply passing the basket for the ministry – which is acceptable within the Rio Grande Valley. Thus, when the engagement is in the Rio Grande Valley, only a “love offering” and fellowship meal are requested.

*This data from is an average for all pastors from various denominations, levels of education and experience.