Living A Balanced Life

Life is often a roller coaster of emotion.  The ups and downs cause many to suffer from anxiety and others depression.  However there are things one can do to level out the ride.  

  1. Find time to be alone and meditate.  Yoga and transcendental meditation are not the only ways to meditate.  Reading a daily devotion in the morning or reading from the Bible is also a form of meditation.  Establish a routine. Get up fifteen minutes early, make a hot cup of tea or coffee.  Say a prayer and spend some time in meditation alone.
  2. Treat your skin to some pleasure.  Take a hot bath.  Add some Epsom salt to it.  Let your shoulders sink down under the water and just soak for twenty minutes.  Play some soft relaxing music in the bathroom.  If married, rent a hotel room once a month, get away from the house and children and escape with your wife for a night of uninterrupted romance.  If you are not married, get an hour-long full body massage once a month.
  3. Balance out negativity with positive things.  Avoid negative TV shows or the news if it upsets you.  Listen to uplifting music, talk to friends with positive attitudes, read self-help books or listen to them as an audio book.
  4.  Balance out the time you spend at work with social time.  If your church doesn’t have a lot of socials, ask some friends from church to do social things with you.  If you have a family, do activities with other families.  Play basketball at the park.  Go to the zoo, Hike in a nature park.  Get together and play a board game.  Cook a healthy meal together and watch a wholesome movie.
  5. Avoid self-pity.  When tempted to feel sorry for yourself, look for someone worse and help them.  Visit a nursing home and make a friend with someone who never gets visitors.  Volunteer at the Salvation Army.  Ask your pastor if there is anyone sick and stuck at home that needs a visitor.

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